Bronwyn Spilsbury


Raised in a missionary home in India, Bronwyn has lived in Europe, Israel and North America, so travel comes naturally to her!

Always pursuing her call to ministry, a turning point in Bronwyn’s career came from a sabbatical when she lived in Jerusalem with her husband and 2 sons. They explored the country with guides and saw how Scripture is supported by ancient sites.

Bronwyn returned from Jerusalem to her job on a pastoral team in Calgary and began a new branch of ministry: leading journeys to Bible lands, with the top guides of these countries.

Her experience as a pastor, love for the Bible, attention to detail, flair for the beautiful, and personal creative presence add dimensions to learning and travel that are illuminating and fun!

Bronwyn now leads several journeys every year to Bible lands, partnering with pastors, professors and parachurch leaders. Every journey is unique, and this marvelous apologetic tour with Faith Beyond Belief will be exceptional!

Join Bronwyn in this workshop to learn more and discover how you can experience the Holy Lands, and understand the Bible as one who walks where Jesus did, taught by the Holy Spirit.