Main Sessions


CALGARY | Dr Fuz Rana

In this session, Dr Fuz Rana describes how Christians can respond to the challenge of evolution, using both a biblical view and his training as a biochemist. He‘ll explain why Darwinian evolution is incompatible with the belief that God designed the universe with a plan and purpose.

science confirms biblical creation

CALGARY | Dr Jason Lisle

Has science really disapproved Genesis? Far from it. Scientific evidence from many different fields align perfectly with a historical Genesis, but challenges the belief in particles-to-people evolution. At an easy-to-understand level, Dr. Lisle will cover the basics of genetics, information theory, radiometric dating and geology, showing how each of these fields of science confirms the biblical record of creation and a worldwide flood.

Sexuality is Not My Identity

CALGARY | Sam Allberry

Pastor Sam Allberry, who also personally deals with homosexuality, wants to help confused Christians understand what God says about these questions in the scriptures, and offers a positive and liberating way forward through the debate.

God Are you out there?: The evidence that points to the reality of GOd

CALGARY | Brett Kunkle

If faith means taking a blind leap against all evidence and sound reason, then your average atheist has more faith than the Apostle Paul. In this teaching Brett explains arguments for God’s existence in a way that is understandable and compelling and severely weakens the atheist's case. You will also find out the real reason many intelligent people don't believe in God. It has little to do with the facts.



The Homily and the Apology

Breakout Session – CALGARY | Sterling Hunter

A presentation on how we can integrate apologetics and teaching/preaching together. Together we will learn how to craft a presentation that ebbs and flows with reasoned defenses as well as biblical truths that all work together to glorify God and challenge the hearer to do the same. Today the general public exhibits an astonishing biblical, philosophical, historical, and theological illiteracy causing the apologetic presentation to fly over the head while at the same time the sermon misses the heart. Today’s preacher needs to be balanced in both to present the gospel, and in this session we will endeavor to find that blend.

Creation Evangelism

Breakout Session – CALGARY | Dr Jason Lisle

Christians would love for their family, friends, and neighbours to receive Christ as Savior and Lord. But sharing the Gospel can be uncomfortable and difficult. Could it be that we are doing it wrong? Does the Bible have anything to say about how to reach people more effectively with the Gospel? And what does the Gospel have to do with creation? Be more confident and effective in your defense of the faith as Dr. Jason Lisle speaks on the surprising connection between Evangelism and Genesis

Being Clear on Your Hermeneutical Lens: The Science of Reading Your Bible

Breakout Session – CALGARY | George Budd

Ever heard a debate or discussion where both sides are quoting the Bible and explaining how it informs the debate but the other side seems to ignore either the passage quoted or that interpretation of it? Both debaters are missing the key to understanding their differences. It's a difference in the Hermeneutic Lens they are using. And it seldom gets discussed. There is a Science of Hermeneutics. It is used to interpret any and all literature—spiritual or secular. If you are not looking for the differences here when discussing the Bible, you will miss the reason why 'they' don't 'get it'.

Without Christ, All Science is Science Fiction

Breakout Session – CALGARY | Tim Bootsveld

Scientists are often viewed as the arbiters of all truth, and Christians often vacate the battlefield of ideas when scientists start to speak. Many Christians think that the Bible is indefensible against the dictates of scientists. But when we look closely at the scientific endeavor, we find that the cognitive tools of science have very clear scope and limits, and have specific preconditions for their validity—In fact, for science to even get off the ground, the world needs to exist as the Bible describes, as the creation of the Triune God. This talk will give people the tools to identify when the truth claims of scientists exceed the limits of scientific inquiry, and show that science itself cannot proceed unless it is under subjection to Christ.

Science and Christianity: A Perspective from the Second Article of the Creed

Breakout Session – CALGARY | Dr Karla Poewe

Dr. Karla Poewe shares her personal story of aspiring to study the social sciences, especially social anthropology. By way of a personal example, she will show how students who are Christian, can navigate the world of social sciences confidently and explain how science transforms us whether we are Christian or not. “Given our confusing times, God in Christ is not in the world for the sake of seeing human wretches survive a winter in the valley of tears, but to lead us to accept and work with His world. Under certain circumstances, we could say with Dietrich Bonhoeffer, that true Christianity is a consciously adopted worldliness.” ~ Dr. Karla Poewe, Professor Emerita

The Mythology of Science

Breakout Session – CALGARY | Dr Scott Masson

Myths are often contrasted to science. A myth is what a culture uses to interpret life in its origins, its meaning, and its purpose. Science, on the other hand, is rooted in knowledge and founded upon a rigorous method of objective verification that delivers facts. If myths tells us grand old tales about things from the past, science is engaged in a more modest and incremental discovery of new things of use for the future. The sharp contrast between myth and science is no longer tenable. Much of what today is presented as science or ‘what science says’ contains sweeping claims akin to myths. This may well lie in part because public funding pushes scientists to make their research ‘relevant’, which invariably means relevant to political and social agendas. The most extreme form of this myth, scientism, is increasingly prevalent. Scientism suggests that science is the only objective means for determining normative (true) claims. Scientism was not established empirically by the scientific method. It is a myth that suits political and social objectives. It is not true.

Worldviews in collision: Why Christian Arguments for Morality & Ethics Are No Longer Persuasive

Breakout Session – CALGARY | Shafer Parker

Our world is divided as never before over such core questions as the meaning of marriage and family, lifestyles, sexuality, abortion, human freedom, the necessity to find a balance between free speech and hate speech, and much more. Young people are leaving the church in droves, and even those who stay often reconstruct their theology so that it no longer resembles the “faith once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3). Huge divisions exist over how church is to be done and life is to be lived. And no matter how much we pray and preach, the solid Biblical arguments that guided and shaped the faith or our fathers seem now to fall largely on deaf ears. Meaningful communication has become increasingly difficult due to differing worldviews that lack the receptors to connect meaningfully with one another. In his talk Shafer will demonstrate the connection between worldviews and behaviours, then give tips on how to discern another person’s worldview leading to constructive conversations about the things that matter most.

Holy Land Tour 2019: Join Faith Beyond Belief on a trip to Egypt and Israel

Breakout Session – CALGARY | Bronwyn Spilsbury

Join Faith Beyond Belief along with Imagine Tours and Travel for a unique apologetics-related tour of the Holy Land & Egypt. Expert guides will lead you on this 16 day trip throughout Egypt and Israel along with daily devotionals & teaching by Jojo Ruba & Bronwyn Spilsbury.

Conversational Evangelism: What’s the key to simple evangelism everyone can learn and use?

Breakout Session – CALGARY | Joel Turner

What are some pointers and how do we equip the next generation? Evangelist and speaker Joel Turner will delve into this and other questions in his talk.

Finding Love In a Hook-Up World

Breakout Session – CALGARY | Brett Kunkle

Our culture is awash in bad ideas about sex, from porn to casual sex to same-sex marriage. But the best and deepest and most profound expressions of human sexuality can only be experienced as God intended. In this talk we’ll examine God’s beautiful picture and design for sexual intimacy and how our misunderstandings are often physically dangerous and emotionally destructive.

Preparing Wandering Hearts for Apologetics

Breakout Session – CALGARY | Jake Wiens

Our apologetics seem to us to be so powerful. We are convinced that God has literally done everything he could to help us believe (given the nature of faith and relationship goal of love). Why can’t our children and our friends see it? What pre-apologetics facts/universal truths about our humanity need to be embraced so as to create a readiness to engage with apologetics?