Main Sessions

Understanding Genesis

EDMONTON | Dr Jason Lisle

There are many opinions and subsequent interpretations on the Book of Genesis. What did the author of Genesis intend and how can we possibly know, or is the important thing only what the Bible “means to you”? Is there one correct interpretation of the Bible, or are there many? Discover why alternative positions are rationally impossible. Unlock a powerful understanding of God’s Word and equip yourself with a reasoned defense against those who distort the Word of God.

The Atheist Experience

EDMONTON | Brett Kunkle

How would you fare in a conversation with an atheist? Could you defend the faith with more than “the Bible says so” or “I just have faith?” Find out as Brett role plays an atheist for your group. This challenge will you evaluate your knowledge of Christianity and your ability to defend it (or lack of!). You’ll walk away motivated like never before.

The Cell’s Design

EDMONTON | Dr Fuz Rana

Biochemist Fazale Rana, PhD, uses a common scientific method based on pattern recognition to identify the God of the Bible as the Creator. Going far beyond irreducible complexity, Rana shows how the molecular features of the cell—some of the smallest structures in nature—manifest the same characteristics displayed in human designs. This similarity points to a resonance between the mind of man and the mind of God. Molecular motors, information properties, chicken-and-egg systems, and quality-control checkpoints are only a few of more than a dozen remarkable indicators for design explained in The Cell's Design.

Ministering to our LGBT Friends

EDMONTON | Sam Allberry

Rev Sam Allberry explains how churches and other Christian groups can begin to minister to those who identify with the LGBT community. He explains practical tips on how Christians can love their LGBT-identified friends and family without compromising the life-saving truth found in scripture.



How do I love my LGBT Friends and Family

Breakout Sessions – EDMONTON | Sam Allberry

In these breakout sessions, Sam takes questions about how believers can engage as winsome ambassadors for Christ on LGBT issues. As someone who experiences same-sex attraction, he'll speak about how the church can respond with grace and truth.

The Age of the Earth

Breakout Sessions – EDMONTON | Dr Fuz Rana

Can dinosaur blood and other soft tissues survive for millions of years? Fossils have preserved evidence but what does it show? In 2004, paleontologist Mary Schweitzer peered through her microscope and saw something remarkable. She saw fresh-looking remnants of soft tissue in the fossilized remains of a T. rex femur. This was totally unexpected. And it contradicted all the rules of paleontology. Scientists had long believed that soft tissue remains would have degraded away in thousands not millions of years. But this tissue staring back at Mary Schweitzer was millions of years old. The discovery of soft tissue remains associated with fossils has become in recent years one of the most prominent scientific arguments for a young earth. However, in his careful analysis, biochemist Fazale Rana shows how traces of dinosaur blood claimed by some as evidence for a young earth instead strengthen the case for an old earth and, thus, for the reliability of Scripture.

Origins and Identity

Breakout Sessions – EDMONTON | Dr Ted Fenske

The origins issue is not some abstract philosophy for academics to ponder and Creationists to debate. Whichever narrative we choose to accept will end up forming the basis of our self-knowledge. Despite what popular media may say to the contrary, our identity is a creational issue. How we understand the universe came to be, directly influences who we understand ourselves to be. Since the Genesis account provides the foundation for both our self-understanding and our relational capacity, if we loosen our hold on this Scripture, we risk loosening our hold on our life-giving core identity. Any lesser understanding of God than that described in the Bible, risks producing a lesser understanding of ourselves. And when faced with the stress and strain of life, such as the spectre of illness and disease, a non-Biblical self-understanding can lead to identity crisis and confusion. In this workshop, I describe the negative consequences of holding to a non-Biblical understanding or origins in terms of our core identity, and provide examples of practical ways in which Christians can protect their identity in Christ.

Science, Secularism and the problem of Meaning

Breakout Sessions – EDMONTON | Dr Lester Liao

Lester traces the history of two streams of thought that are prevalent in our society today: scientific rationalism and the existentialist movement. He discusses where they came from and how they affect how we think of the meaning and life today in the context of suffering/death. He points out the weaknesses in each of these approaches to the question of ‘meaning’ and how Christianity and the Gospel addresses ‘meaning’ in a fuller and more enduring way.

What is a Worldview

Breakout Sessions – EDMONTON | Jojo Ruba & Ian McKerracher

One of the most important assumptions about faith and religion that many make is that it is arrogant to say that your beliefs are right or true. Others, such as atheists, argue that they don’t have to defend their beliefs. Rather, they say theists are the ones who have to make a case for God but their atheist view is neutral and needs no defense. In this session, we’ll explore how defining the word “worldview” helps explain why everyone has a view they have to defend and that no worldview is neutral.

Particles Made Me Do It

Breakout Sessions – EDMONTON | Steve Kim

Morality and ethics are an integral dimension of human experience, and, since the ancient times, there have been many attempts to account for it. As it turns out, not all worldviews are adequate to the task. Naturalism, the secular West’s de facto worldview doctrine, does not have the right resources to account for the necessary elements of objective morality.

Evangelism doesn't have to be intimidating: even witnessing to someone with mental illness

Breakout Sessions – EDMONTON | Glen Moore

Glenn Moore shares his testimony of being diagnosed with schizophrenia and how it changed his life. That diagnosis motivated him to reassess his priorities, which lead Glen to repent of his sin and receive Christ as His Saviour. He left his life pursuing a PhD at the university and began to look for ways to serve God. In this presentation, Glen draws from his personal experience dealing with mental illness and explains how the gospel changes lives. He explains why sin is a form of mental illness and how his experience with schizophrenia helps him share the gospel. His breakout session was one of the most well received from our Be Ready 2017 conference.

Dire Dragons: The Missing Link in Dinosaur History

Breakout Sessions – EDMONTON | Vance Nelson

Come on a visual tour of our planet with researcher, explorer, and author Vance Nelson, and see verified authentic evidence that medieval to ancient people may have seen dinosaurs and “extinct” reptiles alive recently. Depictions provide powerful evidence that the Bible’s account of history in Genesis is accurate—people and these allegedly extinct creatures lived together recently. If you need to see the evidence, don’t miss this session.

An Introduction to Apologetics

Breakout Session – EDMONTON | Mark Smeltzer

Mark Smeltzer, from the Edmonton chapter of Reasonable Faith at West Edmonton Christian Assembly, walks us through an introduction to apologetics. He covers some of the common points of why faith in God is reasonable and explains some of the common defenses, such as the moral argument the fine-tuning argument and more.