How to Love the Post-Abortive

When a friend, colleague, or family member tells you that they've had an abortion, it can prompt a wide range of emotions and responses simultaneously. Join McKenzie as she discusses some practical and loving approaches to post-abortive men and women, as well as their friends and family, that bring compassion, long-term healing and forgiveness without sacrificing truth.


McKenzie Schwittai

McKenzie Schwittai became a Christian in 2007 and pro-life in 2008. She is the Project Facilitator for bringing Save the Storks to Canada (a volunteer position) and has served in private and public office administration since 2010, starting with the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform. McKenzie will graduate from SAIT's Legal Assistant Diploma program in 2018, and lives in Calgary with her husband, Kevin, where they are members at New City Church.