Suffering: The Heart of the Matter

There appears to be a widespread belief that God's highest priority is our perpetual happiness. A "good God", we are told, would eliminate adversity, hardship and suffering in this world. Yet suffering exists, so what are we to make of God's character and priorities?

Drawing on personal and family experiences related to his wife's nearly fatal cardiac arrest and subsequent chronic heart health issues, Paul explores the benefits of suffering, painting a much different picture of the character of God and the place of adversity in our lives. Rather than disproving God's existence, it turns out that adversity is the only avenue by which we might fulfill our calling to become like Him.

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Paul Buller

Paul Buller is a husband and father of two, and a practicing engineer. Raised in a Christian home, Paul began to wrestle through the fundamental question of whether the beliefs he had been taught were actually true or not. Over the years he has studied Mormonism, atheism, the so-called "science vs. religion" debate, the reliability of the Bible, several topics in philosophy, and various other related subjects.

Paul has written two books that relate to Christian Apologetics. His first book, Arguing with Friends, is intended to help the reader navigate the minefield of contentious subjects.

Paul’s second book, Suffering: The Heart of the Matter, is written in the wake of his wife's brush with death.