dr Ted Fenske


Ted Fenske is a Clinical Professor with the Division of Cardiology at the University of Alberta, staff cardiologist at the C.K. Hui Heart Centre, and an executive member of the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity and the Christian Medical/Dental Society.

Referring to himself in his hospital role as ‘a sheep in wolf’s clothing,’ he endeavors to shine God’s light in dark places of need and provide compassionate care for his patients, asserting that his personal faith in Christ has been the focus and foundation of his practice.

He has given numerous talks in public forums on a broad range of topics, including Christian apologetics, countering euthanasia, theodicy, gender confusion, and addressing the gay gospel. Formerly from Vancouver, he is the proud father of three sons and content to call Edmonton ‘home’ where he is actively involved with his wife in the Christian community and young adult ministry.